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Medical insurance for foreign students

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary for a foreign student to have a health insurance certificate?

According to the National Act of Russia № 114-ФЗ “About exit from the Russian Federation and entrance to the Russian Federation” of 15.08.1996 every foreign student must have health insurance certificate for the entire period of staying in Russia regardless of mode of study (Full-time, Part-time, Intermittent, Distance, including Placements etc.), competitive admission or a fee-paying basis.

You will need Certificate of Insurance for:
  • Migration registration;
  • Visa processing;
  • Extension of the visa;
  • Temporary registration of a foreigner;
  • Studying in the university;
  • Dormitory accommodation.
You can check section 27 of the National Act of Russia № 114-ФЗ of 15.08.1996. Also, National Act of Russia № 115-ФЗ of 25.07.2002.

What documents do I need to show to get a health insurance certificate?

  • Passport
    If your passport is lost or is at the visa application center, you can show us the copy of it or a document that you were given instead of it. Translation of the passport is not required.
  • Student membership card
    If you don’t have a student membership card yet, you can show us any document that proves that you are a student of a Russian university.
  • Money
    You can pay in cash or by card.
Any other documents (temporary license, admission form, etc.) are not required.

How long does it take to make a health insurance certificate?

About 15-20 minutes.

When can I get health insurance certificate?

Our sales office hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9-30 – 18-00;
Friday: 9-30 – 17-00;
Saturday, Sunday – weekends.

For how long health insurance certificate is valid?

For 1 year.

Can I get a health insurance certificate for a less time than a year?

You can get a health insurance certificate for several months only if you’re leaving Russia. You must show us the documents that are proving it.
Be aware that cost calculation is non-proportional. For example, a half-year health insurance is 70% of the annual value.

Can another person (my mother, father, sibling, friend) get a health insurance certificate for me?

Only you yourself can get your health insurance certificate. You must sign the documents. Please, find 15-20 minutes to spare and come to our sales office.

If it’s quite impossible for you to come, health insurance certificate can be made time deductible for 14 days. In other words, it will become valid after 14 days against payment.
Your representative must show us: his/her passport, copy of your passport and attested POA.

I’m in hospital right now and they say I must show my health insurance certificate. Can I buy it?

Health insurance covers only those problems that appeared after getting the certificate. If you are already in hospital, insurance company will not pay for your treatment. You have to tell the doctors that you don’t have health insurance and pay for your treatment by yourself.

I need to buy health insurance certificate, but I’m a pregnant woman. Can I buy it still?

Yes, you can. But insurance plan does not cover prenatal care. You have to apply to the private health care facility and pay for all the medical services by yourself.
Or you can use our special program for pregnant women. Learn more here.

After I get my health insurance certificate can I visit any hospital/clinic?

No, there will be 2-3 clinics that you can visit.

I lost my health insurance certificate. What should I do?

Take your passport and come to our sales office. We will have your certificate re-issued.